Rohit Tavare

Student Developer Designer

Who am I?

What's up? Rohit here, the main man of this webpage. If there's one thing true about me, it's that I love making things. Whether it is a website or android app, a solo or group project, I am all about it. My desire to create stems from my curiosity, knack for puzzles and goal to broaden my impact on the community. In my free time I enjoy playing a variety of sports, trying new flavors of milk tea, and hanging out with friends and family.

What can I do?

Mad skillz 'yall


I am fluent in five languages, English, French, Java, Python and Javascript.

I've been doing web development for the past 2.5 years

I am experienced with game development on Game Maker Studio

Won best public safety hack at CU Hacks 2

What am I up to now?

I'm experimenting with neural evolution through augmentation of topology (what a mouthful)

Learning how to use Tensorflow!


I commonly, and frequently, work with Affinity Designer

I have experience with Houdini, and 3DS Max

I'm a fan of the minimalist/clean design philosophy

What am I up to now?

Probably making a slick UI for my next project

Academics and Extras

Graduated Cupertino Highschool with a 3.98 GPA

Now a freshman at UCLA majoring in computer science

What am I up to now?

Part of the X1 Robotics rover computer vision team under ASME

Member of IEEE and the IEEE OPS program at UCLA

Software engineering intern at the Daily Bruin


the good stuff

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